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Here you can order special customizations for your Shop Creator!  From Custom Forms to Slide Shows!  Dont see something here you would like? Email us or why not checkout our Mod Website http://www.modyourcart.com

Below are some examples:

Drop Down Navigation - Vertical*

Drop Down Navigation - Horizontal*

*With the Drop Down Navigations, you have choice of:
Simple: (no more than 10 main links with each of them having no more than 5 sub-links)
Complex: (between 10-20 main links with each of them having 6-20 sub-links)
**Horizontal has the above options, but also 1 or 2 Levels (meaning there are sub/sub-links (3 tiers).  Please make sure you order accordingly and email us first if you are not sure.

Homepage Slideshow Script (this is a slideshow that fades in and out of several images, all of the same size and orientation, on your homepage)

Custom Form (this is an online form for your users to submit certain information to you via email)

Lightbox Gallery Page (this is a special way to display a gallery of images on any particular page of your website)

Customized Invoice for Customers (this is a customized invoice/receipt that your customers will receive in their email after they have placed an order on your website)

You can also order blocks of hourly maintenance.

Drop Down Menu Vertical:No
Yes Simple add $65.00
Yes Complex add $100.00
Drop Down Menu Horizontal:No
Yes 1 Level Simple add $65.00
Yes 1 Level Complex add $100.00
Yes 2 Levels add $150.00
Homepage Slideshow:
Lightbox Gallery:No
Yes 1 gallery page add $75.00
Yes 2 gallery pages add $140.00
Yes 3 gallery pages add $200.00
Custom Form:No
Yes up to 5 fields add $25.00
Yes up to 10 fields add $50.00
Yes up to 15 fields add $75.00
Add Borders to your Images:
Color for Border Hex Number:
Customized Malse Invoice:No
Yes add $30.00
Design to Template Coding: (add $50.00)
Splash Page: (add $40.00)
Order Hourly Maintenance:Select Hours
1 hr add $30.00
2 hrs add $60.00
3 hrs add $90.00
4 hrs add $120.00
Domain Name:
cPanel and FTP login:
Store Admin Login:

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